• 2018/02/15

Difference in Mechanical Properties of Aluminum in 3D Printing and Die Casting

日本語 / English Is it possible to use 3D printed metal parts as conventional metal parts without practical problems? To find an answer to this question, there are several ways to measure important physical properties in mechanical product design. Among these ways, we used tensile test, which is common…続きを読む

  • 2018/02/01


日本語 / English 金属3Dプリントでは、金属粉末をレーザーで溶融させ形状を作ります。 その際に、形状にならなかった粉は再度使用します。

  • 2018/02/01

Used Powder Recycle of DMP

日本語 / English During Metal 3D printing process, some particles are melted to make a product. And the other particles are not melted and reusable. This used but unmelted powder contains particles, which were deteriorated during manufacturing process, through melting and solidification by laser and he…続きを読む

  • 2018/01/15


日本語 / English 金属3Dプリントではレーザー(もしくは電子ビーム)で金属粉末を溶かし、造形を行います。また、材料である金属はその種類によって、融点や吸光率などの物性が異なります。 そのため金属の種類が変われば、粉末を溶かすのに必要なレーザーのエネルギーも変わります。 つまり造形時には材料毎にプリンタの出力を変える必要がある、ということです。

  • 2018/01/15

Observation of cross-sectional morphology of the DMP products

日本語 / English 3D metal printing uses laser (or electron beam) to melt metal powder. Every material has different properties such as melting point and optical absorption rate. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust parameters each times when you choose a new material. There are many parameters, such as…続きを読む